Hi i'm kate and i love homestuck, jack frost from rise of the guardiens are the best movie ever in my book, doctor who, adventure time, and others things are nice




only 100 in 5 weeks

man her game is weak

That’s 100 episodes in 35 days.

That’s 2.8 episodes a day.

I’ve had casual watching more intensive than that.

*tumblr collectively laughs*

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LSP is the only one of my cosplays I consistently like (aside from my patchy body paint, I need to invest in something better!) so I thought I’d upload some more pictures of it! 

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*grabs skateboard* babe im gonna do this radical trick

to show u that i love u

*breaks leg trying to do radical trick* babe i did this for u


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A comic about my parents. The entirety of their relationship is mutual hatred of the human race.

ahhh you’re mom is so great thooo

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Oh, Elsa.  What are we going to do with you.

Frozen is purportedly set in the 1830’s-40’s, but I’ve been obsessed with finding a style that could marry her coronation gown with her ice gown more seamlessly; the open robes you see during the Regency era, including those being worn by Scandinavian royalty at the time, seemed a particularly apt analog for her… weird underarm-cape.  Thing.  You also see her mom wearing something very similar for something like ten years, so it’s not a huge stretch to think it could be a popular look in Arendelle.  THAT’S MY EXCUSE.

I initially designed this for her coronation, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to explore how that same silhouette might work with her ice gown as well.  Someday, theoretically, I would love to do a more literally iced-up version of her gown, but I figured the alternate colour way would be a nice middle ground to strike.


( See the rest of the series HERE , and check out the FAQ HERE 

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I went to a wedding recently. 

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